Programming is like magic.
It doesn't matter how it works, as long as it does the tric.

We believe that, with the right ideas and concepts, and keeping things simple, results in an impact that would not be expacted on first sight. Basicly the impact you experience could only have been achieved through magic. That's what we are in for!

What we do

We help you to understand your data better, give meaning to your data and maximize the impact you can make. We help to provide insight, with lightweight easy to use and accessible tools. We can also setup the hardware to do trics for you, if you want to do some stuff on your own. We strive to help you anywhere we can so you can do a magic tric which stuns your viewers. without the hassle of learning new trics.

  • Staying away from printers
  • Stack small results into new findings
  • Drink much coffee
  • Have life changing ideas
  • Write code, and than some
  • Work in small teams

What we have done

We have build websites. We have written code to ease daily tasks, initiated new ideas, created fysical data visualisations, worked in project teams, showed our magic visually and got inspiration from daily life.

An Untappd data driven dashboard for some of our beerbuddies to check, track, factcheck and deep-dive the data-blisters out of our beer drinking hobby.

No-hassle progress reporting

To be added

Extensive Train info - The Netherlands

To be added

Bots for Slack

To be added

Smart Home deployments

To be added

On-site IT-support

To be added

Where we're @

We are located at The Internet, Earth. We can work anywhere you want us to work. We work best in our own known habitat as long as the wires of the World Wide Web can can connect us, we are good. We are physically located in Hattem, The Netherlands.
Please use the form below if you want to contact us, for any query.